Healthcare has changed drastically making the shift from a volume-based model to a value-based model, but the core values of nursing remain the same. Therefore, it is important to provide hospitals with systems and technology that allow nurses to focus on their profession across the entire care continuum.  KST and West-Com Nurse Call Systems, Inc. are dedicated to developing communications systems and solutions that enable nurses and healthcare staff to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently while maintaining a positive patient care environment.

At KST we design, build, install and service the complete line of West-Com® communication solutions for healthcare facilities.  West-Com is the leader in providing Nurse Call solutions for the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry. West-Com® products offer state-of-the-art nurse call, intercom, clinic flow, and wireless integration; all in a user-friendly system that is simple for patients and highly intuitive to nurses and caregivers.  Together our solutions deliver:

  • Increased patient satisfaction and staff productivity
  • Faster response times and communication between staff members and doctors
  • Reduced noise levels and system outages
  • Superior aesthetics and functionality in the industry highest rated user interface


The West-Com Difference

At West-Com Nurse Call Systems, Inc., we believe that commitment is driven by great values and principles. Here, values are more than just words. They are the heart of our organization, and keep our mission of Nurse Call System innovation and quality focused on customer satisfaction.

West-Com has been building relationships and the trust of healthcare facilities nationwide since 1983.  In 1991, West-Com revolutionized the healthcare environment by introducing their first computerized nurse call system.  Today, they continue to set the standard in the industry with our innovative approach to product design and business development.

The selection of a KST installed West-Com® product is just the beginning of a long-term relationship.  We proudly accept the responsibility for keeping our customers updated and informed on our systems.  We’re able to meet this responsibility by providing free factory training for the life of the system for hospital maintenance techs and through our clinical discovery model with the hospital clinical team.  West-Com provides a sustainability path, which means no facility with West-Com® products will ever be left behind.

Leading healthcare facilities rely on KST for more than just Nurse Call. Our Healthcare team also provides best in class RTLS and RFID solutions for infant security and immediate or real-time tracking of medical equipment, staff and patients within a variety of medical care environments.

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